15 May

Going global in Singapore

By Dr Chris Yeomans

Deputy Director, Edinburgh Global, the University of Edinburgh

Chris yeomans

I write this sitting in Singapore Changi airport, preparing to head to Hong Kong, following a hectic, but hugely enjoyable, few days. My purpose in being here has been to oversee the opening of our new Representative Office for Southeast Asia, which will help the University realise its ambition of working with the best and the brightest wherever they are in the world.

Located in Singapore, the Office is headed by Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Audrey Kon, who has done a fine job co-ordinating the launch activities and ensuring a successful series of events to mark the opening.

Audrey Kon (centre) at the reception in Singapore

Audrey Kon (centre) at the reception in Singapore


A delegation, led by Vice-Principal International, Professor James Smith, has spent the last couple of days meeting with key partners and potential partners in Singapore, building on existing collaborations, initiating new connections, and raising awareness of our new Office. A key priority for the Office is to deepen understanding of local cultures, systems and processes, to help us understand the opportunities and challenges of operating in Southeast Asia.


The culmination of the launch was a dinner, bringing together a rich cross-section of the University’s friends, partners and contacts in the region. Speeches by Professor Smith and International Dean for Southeast Asia, Professor David Weller, provided a flavour of the University and what we hope to achieve in Singapore and across the region over the coming years.

Prof David Weller (left) & Prof James Smith

Prof David Weller (left) & Prof James Smith


The new office joins our five existing overseas Global Offices, serving North America, Latin America, South Asia, and East Asia China. And it is to China that I now head, looking forward to a week of exciting activities in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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